European gets serious for greener kitchen


On Friday 20 February 2015 a new rule is to be in effect to make cooking appliances be more energy efficient. All cooking appliances ranging from oven, hob and hood will not be allowed on the market if they cannot pass the limit of energy used or power consumption set by the law.


EU has also reviewed the energy consumption of more than 20 products such as hair dryer, lawn mower and kettle. This is part of a so-called ecodesign policy which will guide European to a greener lifestyle. The new law to be in effect from Friday 20th February will be complimented by a mandatory labeling law.


The move is part of the plan to reduce energy consumption to meet international target to avoid the climate change effect. The EU has categorised products into different groups covering from home use appliances, office tools, industrial equipments to research laboratory instruments, which will all have to be controlled for energy consumption.


The enter into force of the law gets not much attention from public as last year when vacuum cleaner was the contolled product.